Behind the brand

Salvador Dali artwork "El triomf I el Rodoli de la Gala I en Dali“ includes a drawing of the melting pocket watch. This wonderful symbol demonstrates the art of making time flexible, personal and with long lasting persistence qualities. This exceptional piece of art was translated by ÉLÉVATIONE™ into sophisticated and luxurious cosmetic treatments, revealing desirable, lasting and radiant beauty, by stopping time and exposing youthful appearance.        

The Spanish artist’s masterpiece presenting melting pocket watch, inspired ÉLÉVATIONE™ elite cosmetic formulations of prestige textures and qualities qualities, which melt over your skin and are quickly slurped by your skin, enhancing youthful appearing skin while providing the ultimate sensorial experience. After years of research and development the exact mixtures were created. ÉLÉVATIONE™ Time Stops brand offers skin care products that help reverse the appearance in a way no other age-defying products can. Use it regularly and the years seem to disappear. Lines and wrinkles look significantly reduced as smoother, supple, more radiant skin is revealed. Skin rediscovers the lustrous, more lineless look you remember.

Essential Ingreditents

All of ÉLÉVATIONE™ creations are based on handmade infusion of herbs & plants natural extracts in fresh aqua or olive oil for three days of process. The extracts induced are creating a rich unique composition of natural minerals and vitamins. Water-based infusion has light, refreshing, hydrating properties, while the olive oil-based infusion supplies nutrition, healthy glow restoring properties. Olive oil is known to be one of the healthiest oils and a very good beauty ingredient.

AQUALUXE - ensures optimal water balance within the skin, improving the skin’s water holding capacity and boosts the skin’s moisture level for an extended time after application.

TIGHTOX COMPLEX - exhibited a good tightening effect felt by 76% panelists since the application. This effect is confirmed 5 minutes after application on the face. Firming and pore refining agent, for beautiful soft, tightened skin texture in minutes!

REVIVEYE - 70% of panelists saw significant improvement. Nourishes the skin under eye area and removes wrinkles and fine lines. Maintains a smooth and elastic texture of skin. Amazing! In a matter of days serious dark circles begin to fade, your eyes look clear, bright and alive.

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