Research & Development

Safety, Science and Innovation

E.L Erman has always elected to develop strong research because where beauty is concerned, science is essential for innovation. Its Research and Innovation model enables it to respond to the world's vastly diverse beauty expectations.

For over 25 years, E.L. Erman has gathered knowledge and developed skills that enable to create cosmetic, makeup and nutritional supplements products capable of generating real results. Its Research and Innovation model is organized around three major entities:

  • Advanced Research, tasked with continuously enriching scientific new active ingredients
  • Developement of formulation systems, which are then played out in our innovation products
  • Tailored formulas, which provide your brand with innovative formulas adopted to brand' s uniqueness as well as your consumers' expectations.

Every year, thousands of products are developed by the teams of E.L Erman. Major asset is its expertise in evaluation, indispensable for bringing new products to the market by demonstrating their safety and effectiveness scientifically and rigorously.

The market's pulse , Our target

At E.L. Erman Innovation has always been nurtured by a constant dialog between science and marketing, based on meticulous market research and understanding of consumer needs and their behavior where beauty is concerned.

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