Cutting edge technology

Let us help you develop quality, innovative products that speak for themselves.

We offer world class manufacturing facilities, which represent the latest industry technology along with highly specialised operations and peerless quality control measures to produce an extraordinarily diverse range of products that set the standard across a range of industries. We have a large, professional staff who facilitate our diverse formulating and manufacturing capacities.

When you choose to work with us, what you will receive is individualised and dedicated service. Nothing about our service and processes is generic, from the moment you contact us, we will tailor our capabilities to suit the needs of your brand. Your product will be built from the ground up with the highest quality formulation, testing and production processes that E.L Erman has to offer.

When We Say ‘Innovation’, We Mean It
We can help you reclaim the word ‘Innovation’ from its status as a careless modern marketing tool by developing unique, certified by cutting edge patent, formulas that are truly work. The focus of our processes is to help you develop a quality, individualised product that’s in sync with the ethos of your brand.

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