Mission statements


Your Style  - Our Passion

We know you can’t judge a book by its cover, but we believe that having products that look every bit as good as they perform is important. When we create our products, we want them to be something you’ll love inside and out. Affordable, well designed products that bring solutions to your everyday needs along with style to your life.

From innovative and safer formulations through to environmentally responsible packaging that you’ll be tempted to put on display rather than hide in a cupboard. It’s our attention to detail you’ll appreciate, and one destined to stimulate all your senses.


We’ll see your standards – and raise them

It’s said that when you demand the best, you get it. When you choose E.L Erman  you get products that perform to the highest possible standards - ours. Nature inspires our products, science refines them and your demands ensure we deliver safer products that rise well above industry standards.

There’s nothing we would ever offer you if we wouldn’t be 100% happy using ourselves. Going beyond is what we do, it’s our motivation and our responsibility to achieve better.

Every day, our top professionals from various fields reveiw and make recommendations on not just every product, but on every ingredient we use. Only elements that perferctly fit our procedures or standards are used. We refuse to compromise on safety and quality. We take pride in our ability to keep you out of harm’s way.

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