Spicense Up™

Behind the brand

With Spicense Up™, gluttony is not an ugly defect anymore! Spicense Up™ collection soaps are made with ingredients selected with the utmost care, then we bring you always more novelty and originality to surprise you. Whether they are effervescent or based on Dead Sea minerals,  they can be used in the shower, in the bath, in moisturizing body care ... and above all, they all have various gourmet scents. 100 % pleasure, 0 calories...

We design and manufacture bath bombs, stone soaps, soap cupcakes, premium sliced soap and soap bars & foaming sponge. Our soap making team consists only of soap professionals of the highest level who can take into account all the nuances and complexity of the project from idea to a final product, to sell at your point of sale, no matter how difficult it is.

You can find a variety of fragrances according to your tastes…Enjoy it !

Essential Ingredients

Spicense Up™ soap is made with natural ingredients which are carefully chosen for their skin benefits. It contains a high amount of minerals and salts, minerals that the skin needs in order to help it remain hydrated and healthy.

Our wonderful cupcakes are going to give you the desire to have baths!! Colors and perfumes for all your humors!

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