About Us



E.L. Erman is the largest producer of Private Labels for face, hair, body, professional use, makeup and nutritional supplements products in Israel. We are specialized in producing private label designed to your specifications.

E.L. Erman employs over 300 employees in its 70,000 square-foot facility. The company produces70 tons of products daily, which sums up to thousands of tons of the highest quality hair, facial, spa,body,skin care,makeup and nutritional supplements products each year.

The factory is located at the port city of Ashdod, which makes exporting simple and cost effective. E.L. Erman customers consist of some of the largest cosmetic, makeup and nutritional supplements companies worldwide.


The essentials products that are used everyday – Personal Care, Health and Wellness, and Home Care – we do them differently – safer, effective, stylish and personalized to your needs and requests. We create the best possible products so you and your customers can trust what you use.



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