Makeup manufacturing

E.L Erman is your one-stop shop for everything you need to create a unique cosmetics brand with your name on it! Our extensive range of innovative product formulas, on-trend colors and attractive merchandising tools make it easy for you to build your brand and your business.

It is all about putting your best face forward when it comes to choosing your color. Whether you are looking for the latest in makeup trends, fabulous blush, fashionable eye makeup or innovative liquid foundation and primers, E.L Erman has the expertise to create a range of makeup products that will meet your customers’ needs..

Makeup has come a long way since its original use in ancient times. Today it is still a must have in any woman’s bag. Over the past few decades the makeup products have changed tremendously. Traditional foundations have evolved not only in coverage and texture but consistency and application. While traditional face powders still dominate the market, cosmetic brands now offer a range of products that combine various functions and provide better results - BB & CC Creams in compacts, liquid cushion compacts, face sticks and of course liquid foundation in a variety of textures, applications and finishes.

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