Behind the brand

Created to enhance the power of nature with innovative technology, Botanifique™ harmoniously unites ancient wisdom with cosmetic patents, enabling you to radiate with beauty from the inside out. Our professional integrity drives us to use the highest quality ingredients and keep the natural resources as close to their original form as possible.

Historically used for medicinal and healing purposes, plants can naturally treat a wide range of ailments and skin conditions. Using state of the art labs, our botanical specialists developed an extraction system that enhances the active properties of traditional plants without the intervention of chemicals. All plant essences in Botanifique™ products extracted through an extensive steeping process that keeps the ingredients clean and preserves the integrity of the plants.

Based on pure ingredients and fortified with Eco-Certified and natural patents, Botanifique™ utilizes a wide range of plants, oils and fruit extracts to create the most natural solution to modern skin care.


Essential Ingredients

Each collection in Botanifique™  based on various plants and extracts. From basil and rosemary to ginger and spearmint, our products are rich in all natural plant essences to pamper your skin with the best available ingredients.

This rich base of lush ingredients synergizes with six natural patents to create powerful, pure skin care products that effectively treat various skin conditions. These formulas maintain the potency of pure, botanical actives and later incorporated into the Botanifique™ product line.

Nibi™, Kizis™ and Songa™, our Eco-Certified patents, enhance the Everyday Basic line with specially extracted botanical actives based on Native American wisdom. Organic seeds mixed with water from the French Alps and put through a proprietary extraction process creating a powerful mixture that promotes results.

Birch Tree Sap™, Heelonex™ and Melaslow™, natural cosmetic patents effective in treating skin aging concerns, acne and pigmentation, provide the natural solution for specific skin conditions, enhancing a perfectly radiant complexion.



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