The Dead Sea Spa Elixir™

Behind the brand

 The DEAD SEA is the richest SPA in the world for its beneficial properties. The exceptionally high concentration of the minerals in the Dead Sea area is incomparable anywhere in the world, and has long time captivated researchers and scientists. Even before Roman times, the Dead Sea had attracted spa-lovers from far and wide. Today, Women and even Men can enjoy their own Spa Experience at home. The Dead Spa Elixir collection specializes in naturally based skin care products from the Dead Sea to bring your skin top perfection.


Essential Ingredients

 THE DEAD SEA ELIXIR product series combines the efficient power of DEAD SEA minerals, a wealth of magnesium, calcium, potassium and other minerals, SLS and Paraben free creating the perfect spa experience. The ingredients of the Dead Sea nourish and strengthen the skin, by contributing in the renewal and revitalization of the skin.


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